This is Mexico (TIM)


I know, I know I have failed at writing once a week; I’m sorry. Mexico has been great, pretty, busy, tiring( a mix of emotions) but quite the experience. My first week here we jumped right into Globalscope life. The night we arrived in Puebla, it was Tuesday which means En Vivo which means Live.

El Pozo(the well) is the campus ministry here in Puebla that partners with the Church plant, Mosaico. El Pozo hosts En Vivo every Tuesday night where there is free dinner, singing, and a message. The students tend to stay as long as they want playing games, watching a soccer game, or just talking.

This is what a typical week looks like…Well we don’t exactly have one of those but this is what has happened so far:102_0793

I have had Enchiladas suizas for breakfast will olla which is coffee made with cinnamon. That was an interesting mixture for breakfast but I’m getting used to it now.

102_0808 102_0809 102_0787I have been able to climb the pyramid in Cholula(where I live) to the church at the top. This pyramid has the largest base in the world. This is the view from the street in which I live off of of the church and one of the inactive volcanoes.

102_0818 102_0819I also have had the opportunity to celebrate my new friend Elsa’s birthday at the famous Chilis(yes like we have in the states).

The neat thing about working with college students is ministry sometimes entails spending time with the students by going out and celebrating a birthday, playing ticket to ride, or going to their soccer games.

102_0814two of the girls who play for UDLAP( the school across the street from Casa Verde which is the house I stay at and which is where En Vivo and Mosaico are held) also attend En Vivo and Mosaico. Both of them have high potential for playing on Mexico’s National team. (They could be famous..and I know them).

102_0885 102_0884 102_0894 102_0898 102_0906So being in Mexico, you have to tour a bit so a team from Evansville, IN came in to work with Mosaico but for one of their days we went to Teotihuacan and climbed the Sun and Moon pyramids which was amazing! It was crazy to witness and experience something with so much history and fame.

This group is from the Church Todd Hancock(the pastor of the church) home church as well as my mom’s home church. Strangely enough, this wasn’t the only group I was connected with.

During the week this group was here, they helped us clean all of the church chairs, paint one of the local Christian schools, build containers and corn hole, as well as speak in church. The church service they came to was pretty awesome to attend not only was it on Father’s Day, but two students from En Vivo got baptized.

102_0931 102_0935 102_0937 102_0940 102_0941 102_0943 102_0944 102_0945The girl who was baptized is Sayra and the man is Juanello. Juanello has become a good friend of mine who has an incredible story. He has been attending En Vivo for about 9 years and the staff has been praying for him to turn his life to Christ about as long as he has been coming so this day was an incredibly special day for many who were there.

102_0925102_0968 102_0980 102_0973 102_0970 102_0985A¬†group from Florida and Tennessee came this past week. There were 28 of them!!! All in Casa Verde!! The beginning of this week was hard for me. Tuesday the group from Evansville left and I jumped in with the new group from Fl and TN. It was then that I realized that I wasn’t just there to work hard for a week and go home but I was staying all summer and didn’t get to go home like the groups did. That hit me hard and I realized how important it was for me to fill myself up with God’s Word or else I would be drained. I also came to the conclusion that I am not here for myself but I am here to serve God and allow His Glory to be seen all over before I am to be transformed or focus on myself. One of the group leaders was talking to me that same day I realized that about how I was doing and he spoke some life into me that was given to him once. He said a lot of times we say God is with me but really God is always with us. It is us that have to decide to be with Him. When we can say I am with God, that is when our view of things change. After he told me that, it has been easier for me to see God’s work being done selflessly. This was an amazing group. There were about 20 high schoolers and 8 college students and all of them worked with amazing attitudes. They taught me how to love. God blessed me with knowledge through them. It turned out to be an incredible week.

God is good and I am thankful for being here. Here are things you can pray for me:

my language learning, the relationships I have formed and will form with the students here, and for me to always be with God in the things that I do so that I will be doing His Will.

Thank you all for your support and concern…hopefully next time it won’t be as long as this one:)

May God bless you,



Well….we made it safely! We had a long day of flights but we are finally at our home for 2 months. We were able to meet some of the students tonight as they watched the Mexico vs Jamaica soccer game. Tomorrow our plan is to have brunch with the Hancocks and then take our first Spanish class that we will continue twice a week with a Spanish professor from the university. So blessed to be here, thank you for your prayers!


I have had the blessing to meet 44 new CMF interns for this summer and hear their testimonies of how God has worked in their lives and how they are going with passionate hearts to spread the Truth of God’s Word to many different areas of this world! And it’s only been 5 days! I am very excited to see the way God has worked in each of us and through us as we leave tomorrow for our new journey. Please join with me in praying for us as we take off. I will do my best to write each week!

Love Ashlan